(Jan 10, 2019) Extreme-WoodLam (EWL) Panels used to Blast Strengthen a Conventional Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB)

Stone Security Engineering, PC,(Stone)  in collaboration with Stone Protective Solutions, LLC  (SPS, LLC) and Stone Protective Solutions, Ltd (SPS, Ltd) worked with Advantage Midstream to strengthen a conventional pre-engineered metal building design in western Texas for blast resistance using minor design modifications and the installation of our Patent Pending Extreme-WoodLam (EWL) panels on the building exterior. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show 3D renderings of how the EWL panels can be incorporated with the building cladding. Figures 3 shows actual construction photos and final building installation will be published soon.

Figure 1. EWL on Building Framing Concept

Figure 1.  EWL on Building Framing Concept

EWL Panel Connections to Girts-Purlins Concept.jpg

Figure 2.  EWL Panel Connections to Girts/Purlins Concept

EWL Panel Installation During the PEMB Construction L.png
EWL Panel Installation During the PEMB Construction R.png

Figure 3.  EWL Panel Installation During the PEMB Construction

The Patent Pending EWL panels were developed by Stone and SPS, LLC and fabricated at the Stone Protective Solutions, Ltd. plant and shipped to the construction site, along with installation instructions, labels and design certificate letter for the blast load rating.

The EWL panels proved easy, fast and cost-effective to integrate into the building cladding profile. The EWL panel system steel cladding panels are efficiently and quickly installed directly over surface of wall girts and roof purlins and doesn’t require the use of steel self-tapping bolts.  

The panels were fabricated to unique sizes to fit snuggly on the PEMB and the workability of the panels made connecting them to the building framing a breeze. In addition, the EWL panels improved the thermal insulation of the building exterior.

 Overall, the EWL panels provide a blast resistant product with the workability and enhanced insulation properties of wood panels. Both properties make EWL panels an attractive blast resistant solution for building modifications/retrofits and for buildings located in hot and cold weather environments.

Stone Protective Solutions LLC, (SPS), a small business, based in New York, which was established by the primary engineers ofStone Security Engineering. SPS is a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for clients that need to meet security and/or industrial safety design requirements for their buildings.    

SPS’s designs are created by industry leading engineers from Stone Security Engineering and contractors with expertise in protective design consulting, extreme loading testing (blast, ballistics, forced entry, etc), research and development, and Blast Resistant Modular (BRM) designs, construction and installations.

The application of this expertise has resulted in innovative designs, construction techniques, and product lines that meet and exceed security and safety requirements with competitive pricing, bringing value to your critical projects.  

Stone Protective Solutions LLC, is part of the StoneSmart Solutions product development efforts dedicated to developing new and innovative products and services for the protective design community.