Enviro BRM Manufacturing

Stone Protective Solutions manufacturing network has the ability to build 2 to 8 PSI using our patent pending technology of combination steel framed and laminated panels – which are far more environmentally amiable to manufacture and considerably ergonomically friendlier than steel BRMs.

Based on the new blast zone requirements which were established by the federal government in 2012 under the S850-12 Standard, SPS can build BRMs to meet and/or exceed any zone. Under this new standard, single to multi-unit complexes can be manufactured to meet zone specific requirements. There is no longer a need to spend extra money on an 8 PSI BRM when only 2 PSI is required.

Safety is of upmost importance to us, therefore we comply with National Construction Safety Standards, and have a National Construction Safety Officer on staff.

Our crews are professionally trained to properly install blast modular structures with safety certifications to meet and exceed all of your site-specific safety requirements.

Stone Protective Solutions Ltd. and its partnered companies combined have been manufacturing modular units for the past 30 years. All our engineering services are provided by our partner company Stone Security Engineering.